Friday, March 01, 2013

happy weekend!

Since I am seemingly incapable of writing new content myself, I'm gonna direct you to enjoy other, more productive parts of the internet! My weekend will be filled with seeing Eric Metaxas (you know him, the Bonhoeffer biographer) speak tonight, and helping some dear friends move into their newly renovated house tomorrow. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

This kale caesar salad is consuming my thoughts. I feel like an actual trip to San Francisco is in order.

The Jesus Juke duck is a great baby present. Think about it.

Very excited about getting my first Stitchfix in the mail next week; it's going to be awesome!

Broccoli Basil Mac and Cheese? Yes, please.

I can't imagine going to sleep and being swallowed by a sinkhole.  Hi, Florida! See ya never!

David Platt wrote a great article about many Christians' obsession with finding God's will for your life.

Story of my life: "I don't know who wrote this book dedication, but it's hilarious."

Now forget that kale salad, go to Muddy's bakeshop and eat a cupcake. It's Friday, dangit!


  1. Amen! Muddy's cupcakes are THE best. :)

  2. Haha! That book dedication is hilarious! Also, that article by David Platt is right on!

  3. Hey I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!