Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the nut cottage.

We were in downtown Helen, Georgia (the Myrtle Beach of the North Georgia mountains) last weekend with my family when I spotted this sign.  I'm seriously considering re-naming our home after this business.

In the last two months, we have:
- hosted my family for Christmas in Memphis
- traveled to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
- endured two of Donald's toughest months of intern year of family medicine residency
- somehow decided to eat a vegan diet for three of those weeks
- visited with our great friends, the Campbells, who are moving overseas soon!
- put a deposit on a house in Orange Mound
- are attempting to renovate said house
- threw a very fun Super Bowl party in our rental house
- filled out our initial paperwork for an adoption agency (Are we crazy for adding another kid into this crazy mix? Absolutely. But I like crazy.)
- chased a toddler all over the place
- chased a toddler throughout her role as a flower girl in a wedding in Charleston
- visited Donald's grandmother who had to have some emergency surgery
- hiked to see some beautiful waterfalls in the mountains of Georgia
- started running on a regular basis, in an attempt to regain a semblance of my sanity

And now you know. If you really read that list, I owe you a cup of coffee or something.


  1. I just read your about page and saw that you guys are intentionally living in the innercity to minister to those around you. That's amazing! My husband and I have talked about that many times. I hope things work out with the house in Orange Mound!

    1. Thanks Rach! I would love to talk to you about that more, if you ever have time for a cup of coffee in the U of M area. Let me know! (email is sarahhope56 (at)!!