Sunday, December 23, 2012

silence + observance.

I'm just finishing a very interesting book, called "Drop Dead Healthy".  The author is one of those hilarious people whose writing style makes me want to invite him over for dinner with my family to talk about ridiculous and random topics-- but I digress.  The premise of the book is this:  after a serious scare in a third world hospital, the author decides to learn everything he possibly can about being healthy, and implement all of it into practice.  Even the kooky stuff.

In the 3rd chapter of the book, he interviews a professional who emphasizes the health benefits of... silence?   Uh, yeah. I guess to each his own.  Af first, I didn't quite know what to think hanging your academic "hat" on such a mundane topic, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense.  The reality is: as I am sitting here, I can identify several noises.

- the Fed-Ex plane flying overhead
- Adelaide's box fan whirring in her bedroom aiding her sleep
- the chirping of birds in the backyard garden next door
- our ancient heat pump working to keep us warm
- the train horns from the railroad tracks at the end of our street

So you know, maybe silence is a good thing.  I often wonder if I would observe more in the presence of silence-- I think often because I can hear something so know it's there, I don't have to actually look at it.  (This seems really mundane, but I am talking about a unifying human experience here, so it's pertinent to all of you, I guess.)

Earlier this week, I returned from a run through the neighborhood with Adelaide and my next-door neighbor greeted me (in my chest-heaving, desperate for a icy shower, breathless about-to-enter-the-house state).  She informed me that her power had been off for about 45 minutes (the entirety of my run) and wanted to know what information I knew about the matter.  Having just spent the last almost-hour of my existence cursing my legs, lungs, and generally making the effort just to take another step/breath, I knew nothing about the outage.  After hopping in the car to run errands, I realized that I ran right past the power trucks working on the lines-- literally right past them-- and never noticed.  How's that for observance?!

I wonder how my life would change if I tried intentionally to observe more, and stopped relying on my assumptions.  I think this applies to more than just sight and sound-- how many people do I interact with, but I do not take any notice of them because I am busy thinking about my own concerns?

Living intentionally changes everything; as John chapter three says, "He must be greater, and I must become less."


  1. Hello! I'm a Memphian as well and am so glad to have found your blog! We are members at Island Community Church in downtown Memphis. I love finding fellow Christian bloggers...especially Memphis ones! Can't wait to get to know you!

  2. Thanks for the comment! keep me posted on all things adoption!!!

  3. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. You can check it out here:

    Let me know when you're free for coffee!

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