Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brother Juniper's

Saturday mornings summon memories from my childhood.  My father, who is a nuclear physicist, worked a typical nine-to-five job during the week... we were lucky to get to see him more often than the average family.  I have fond memories of eating breakfast together each morning before school.  These sleepy breakfasts required an EARLY wake-up time (5:30), so Saturday mornings were especially enticing.  My father often woke one of the three kids up to "help" him run special errands.  The errands included chocolate chip pancakes at a diner, a short trip to the post office or hardware store, and then a trip to an old building in downtown Augusta-- whose yard held an even older train engine (out of service, of course) that we could climb all over.

It's simple-- breakfast is a sacred meal around here.  I can't wait to create the same memories with Adelaide that my father made with me.

We're frequent visitors at Brother Juniper's-- a bright, early morning restaurant buzzing with coffee cups, business meetings, the chatter of old friends, and the smell of breakfast wafting from the kitchen.  If I could live next to the restaurant, I'd move tomorrow-- but that'd mean moving into a laundromat in a strip mall.    So I'll stay put, for now.

Walking into the restaurant, you're often greeted by a member of the Koplin family, the owners of the place.  If it's a Saturday morning, you may be asked to wait in line, but the sweet spot to hit Brother J's is early-ish on a weekday morning.  If you can catch the restaurant before nine AM, you usually can snag a seat without too much of a wait.  (It should be noted that waiting isn't a deal-breaker-- I rarely say this... but I'd wait an hour to eat here.)

It's no secret that Rachael Ray highlighted the restaurant on her television show while filming in restaurant.  Her face is on the menu, pointing out the "San Diegan" (open faced omelet) which she ordered while in the restaurant.  Donald's favorite is another open-faced omelet-- the "Hungry Tiger".  If you like meat and potatoes, that's your best bet.  My personal favorite is the "Garden and Lamb" omelet.  If you like Greek food, this will be right up your alley! The fillings- gyro meat, tomatoes, spinach, and green onions-- are enclosed in fluffy eggs and feta & mozzarella cheese.  Homemade blackberry, peach, or fig preserves compliment the biscuit and grits that accompany the meal.  I often pay the extra money to substitute the grits for fruit (Weight Watchers, remember?).  It's a valid expense-- the fruit is often fresh pineapple, and the portion is not a skimpy half-cup.

If the food is good, the service is better.  The family that owns Brother Juniper's will bend over backwards to make sure your meal is enjoyable, and actually enjoy getting to know you as a customer-- that's a rare commodity in a bustling, always busy restaurant.

Brother Juniper's is an excellent bet, if you're looking for breakfast in Memphis.

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  1. LOVE Brother J's!! I've only been there once hah but I fell in love instantly. I need to get back there.. ASAP! Mmmm.

  2. Love Brother Junipers! Best breakfast in town...and just plain yummy. :)